**Our new thing this season is a coin toss at the beginning of each game just like tournaments to determine who bats or fields first. There will be no more home or away dugouts.


8u Girls

10u Boys

10u Girls

12u Girls

12u/14u Boys**

**There was an error for 12u/14u Boys regarding Memorial Day games. The games scheduled for 5-27-19 will be played on Friday May 31st at the scheduled game times

14u Girls

16u/18u Boys

16u/18u Girls

Here are the nights of play by age/field:

McCart Fields

Monday - Co-ed, 8u

Tuesday- 10u

Wednesday- Co-ed, 8u

Thursday- 12u

Burnside Fields

Monday - 14u Boys

Tuesday- 14u Girls

Wednesday- 16u & 18u Girls

Thursday- 16u & 18u Boys